Borders Borders Kelsae sunrise 0545, 21 August. Kelso, Borders. 96223867 To Scott's View The approach to Scott's View. A different take on the iconic Borders view. 111014959 Riding The Cornet of the Lauder Common Riding carries the Burgh Standard over the border hills around Lauder. 22552126 Cairns The Three Brethern. From left to right, Philiphaugh, Selkirk Burgh and Yair. 33860152 Tweed morning Early morning over the River Tweed near Yair, Borders. 52133675 Tweed River Tweed, Innerleithen, Borders. 109441009 Winter from Scott's View Scott's View. Dryburgh, Borders. The River Tweed starts to freeze over. 111014827 Shower at Scott's View Walter Scott used to love this view. Looking west over the River Tweed, Melrose and the Eildons 22548914 Second sunrise Lee Pen, Innerleithen, Borders. 66268588 Blackhopebyre Leithen Valley, Borders. 109441197 Snaw aff a dyke Looking up the Leithen, from the eastern slope of Lee Pen. Innerleithen, Borders. 65191409 Minch Moor Southern Uplands, Borders. 46600120 Valleys The Leithen (left) and Tweed (right) viewed from the iron age hill fort of The Pirn, Innerleithen. 63414327 Welcome sight In the days before mbile phones, telephone boxes often proved a welcome sight. 109441874 Fence and dyke at Witchie Knowe Witchie Knowe in the Borders. Typical Borders landscape, Witchie Knowe sits between the Ettrick & Yarrow velleys. 22548906 All around the Pirn A 360 degree panorama from the Pirn, Innerleithen, Borders. 109442242 Land of the last minstrel Looking down to the Yarrow Valley from Rough Knowe. This is the landscape of Walter Scott, author of many famous stories such as Ivanhoe, Waverley, Heart of Midlothian and Lay of the Last Minstrel. 24063160 Cairns sunset Sunset at the Three Brethern. 137005328 Manor Valley A dyke winds into the distance. Manor Valley, Tweeddale. 156066834 Eildon south The Eildons viewed from the south. 137005329 Squinty bridge A livestock bridge over the Manor Water. Manor, Tweeddale. 156066886 The muckle stane Witchie Knowe. 156068739 Yarrow & Ettrick A 360 degree panorama of typical Border lands. 156068740 Withcie sunset Witchie Knowe 185246046 Duns dings a' Lauder Common Riding 2015 199280895 Cornet Simpson Lauder Common Riding 2015 199280896 Thirsty work Lauder Common Riding 2015 199280897 Sundown over Lee Pen Autumnal sunset. Mountain bikes make photography even more fun. 205549130