Europe Europe Up periscope A Swedish submarine, Gothenburg 22554734 Prague Castle, pink sky Prague Castle from the old town. The River Vltava flows under the Charles Bridge. 22567033 ignored An information board, not working, Old Town Square, Prague. 22554738 Gothenburg sculpture Public art. Outside the Gothenburg opera house. 22554740 Prague Castle An evening shot of Prague Castle. 22567045 Natt kanal Gothenburg at night. 22567041 The pink dress Prague 72461539 Obetem komunismu The memorial to those who lost their lives in the struggle against comunism. Wenseslas Square, Prague. 22567042 The first summer of freedom Looking through the Berlin Wall in the summer of 1990. this was taken from the east side looking into the killing zone between east and west. 22567038 Metro Paris. 134373230 St Pancras arch St Pancras International Station, London, England. 176527101 St Clement Danes St Clement Danes. The Rayal Air Force church. London, England 177615050 St Pancras St Pancras International Station, London, England. 177615052 Rotunda Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland. 181195097 I batteristi The drummers, Giostra del Saracino, 2013. Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. 185245405 Porta del Borgo fanteria Giostra del Saracino, 2013. Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. 185245406 Ponte Veccio Florence 185245407 I'm still standing Tuscan sunflowers 185245408 Giallo Sunflower 185245905 La finestra Montepulciano, Tuscany. 185245906 Bicicletta Florence 185245760 Dresden Not long after the "wall" came down. The centre of Dresden. 196698305 St Vitus A weather vane, St Vitus' Cathedral, Prague. 196698306 Amsterdam window Typically Dutch. 196698307 Dresden DDR A shopping centre, Dresden. Sadly, this communist architecture has been "softened". 196698308 Zaanstraat Amsterdam 196698310 Rotunda Belfast City Hall, Northern Ireland 201155253 Toscana Pienza 201155255 Oh, Canada Vimy Ridge, France 201155598 Vimy Memorial Vimy, France 201155599 Tramlines Vienna, Austria 201155760 Hafelekarspitze Nordkette, Insbruck, Austria 201984733 Hungerburgbahn Funicular station by Zaha Hadid, Hungerburg, Innsbruck, Austria. 201985290 Hundtewasser Hundterwasser Haus, Vienna, Austria 201986711 Palais des Beaux Arts Vienna 204438361